We teamed up with Discovery Channel & Snapchat to help create a featured channel of Shark Week content exclusively on Snapchat. These mobile format episodes, are bitesized and highly action packed. Shark Week on Snapchat generated millions of views on the platform and a massive amount of exposure for the Shark Week brand to an entirely new Gen Z audience.


Season 2

S2E1 | Hypnotizing a Shark

S2E2 | How To Survive A Shark Attack

S2E3 | Learn How To Dive With Sharks

Season 3

S3E1 | Which Shark Is The Top Predator?

S3E2 | What Kind of Music Do Sharks Like?

S2E3 | Can We Teach Sharks To Hunt Lionfish?


Creative, Producing, Physical Ocean Production, Shark Diving Expertise

Running Time

~6 minutes per episode




Season 2 & 3


Science Doc


Discovery & Snapchat

Producing & Production Services

Delve Media

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