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You Won’t – “Who Knew”

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I stumbled across this music video from a band I’d never heard of and thought it had been criminally under-viewed.

You Won’t is a two-piece band from Boston, that consists of Raky Sastri and Josh Arnoudse. They take the standard folk-pop sound we’ve all heard before, and mold it into something better, without veering too off-course. It’s like eating a PB&J that you made yourself, versus eating one your mom made for your school lunch. Essentially, they’re the same thing, but somehow, mom’s is just better. Or something like that.

Terrible analogies aside, this video is amazingly simple, but wonderfully unique, and I was excited to see that Cool Cat Productions (Ewen Wright) posted a behind the scenes video of the process as well.

Pretty stoked to see people trying to make new and original ideas come to life, and I feel like more people should see this thing.

Check out the band, You Won’t here:




Check out Cool Cat Productions/Ewen Wright here:





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