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Earlier this year, I posted an OK GO video for Upside Down & Inside Out, and I thought they couldn’t outdo themselves. I mean, even if they went into SPACE, they’d still only achieve what they just had with that video.

Well, I was right. They didn’t outdo themselves with this one… but it’s still one of the coolest videos I’ve ever seen.

Having worked with high speed cameras before, this is amazing to watch. It’s near perfect timing for things that happen in milliseconds, so it is definitely an amazing feat, and the finished product is just as awesome¬†as any of the slo-mo videos on youtube…maybe even more awesome, actually. And it’s not too bad to listen to either.

So, here is yet another over-shared video from OK GO that you’ve probably seen popping up all last weekend, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse¬†at how they did it.

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