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I spend too much time on YouTube…

But weeding through all the cat videos and makeup tutorials, one can learn quite a bit of useful information. The NerdWriter is one of my favorite channels to watch whenever I need inspiration. I’ve seen so many informative videos. So many quirks of cinema that I maybe hadn’t thought about before…but this one has been my favorite since I first saw it.

Not only did it help remind me that I adore Shane Black’s work – going all the way back to The Monster Squad in the 80’s – but it reminded me that he has a newer film just lying about, unwatched by me. (Note: it is no longer unwatched, but at the time I saw this vid, I’d forgotten The Nice Guys existed.)

I agree with everything in this video, which is not something I¬†say lightly. I’m usually the first to be a little extra critical for things, even pointing out the minute details that ruined a film for me…or a book…or tv show…

…I can be quite¬†opinionated.

Either way, one thing I don’t know anyone could argue against: Shane Black does violence very well.

Avoiding lavishing any more love on Black’s filmography, I’ll let the video speak for itself. Take a look at one of the shortest and most original film critique classes you will experience. …And while you’re at it, take a look at the rest of TheNerdWriter videos. If you like to learn about the craft, that is.

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