Lair of the Sawfish

In our first episode for Shark Week, we teamed with Luke Tipple and Radley Studios to unravel the mysteries behind one of our oceans strangest creatures – the sawfish. This close cousin of sharks was once commonly seen along the southeastern coast of the United States, but overfishing and habitat-loss has placed this incredible animal on the critically endangered species list. Working with a team of expert technical divers as well as researchers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife commission, we dive deep into the waters off the Florida Keys to collect critical information that can help bring the sawfish back from the brink of extinction.

Network: Discovery Channel || Services: Production, Editorial, Post
Running Time: 42 minutes || Category: Nature Documentary
Co-production company: Radley Studios

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Unjumpable Documentary

In this adventure reality series we follow Matthias Giraud as he meets up with some of his best friends around the world and shows off his favorite locations around the world. At each exotic spot we get a behind the scenes look at what the life of an elite adventure athlete entails. Matthias also sets out to accomplish a world first stunt at each location including Ski-base jumps and precision sky dives.

Series Drops Early 2018

Services: Production, Editorial, Post || Format: 6×15 minutes
Category: Extreme Sports || Network: GoPro

Super Frenchie Trailer

Beat Monday

Beat Monday is a series of epic weekend adventures designed to push the boundaries of what’s possible between Friday night and Monday morning. Along the way, adventure athletes Mike and Jason get into crazy situations, inspire the audience with their perseverance and discover local cultures outside our daily bubble.

Format: 6×30 minutes || Services: Production, Editorial, Post
Category: Action Sports || Network: TBD

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