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Back in 2011, Delve did a 24 Hour Film race. It was hectic, fun and draining. I specifically remember falling asleep on a cold, concrete floor in the only ray of sunlight coming into the studio, just to be a tiny bit warmer when I passed out. It was insane.

Either way, we did it. Submitted it. …and then quickly forgot about it.

Except we still have it. We still have that short and I watched it again recently. …and I have chosen not to share it with you.

But, when we submitted the film to the contest, there was a viewing/voting event where they showed all of the submissions from our region. Not only that, they showed a series of other winners and honorable mentions between our submissions and one of them stood out as being absolutely fantastic.

Enter Wesley.

Wesley is a short mockumentary about a ghost trying to dispel a few myths about the nature of being a poltergeist. It was a multiple award winner in the 2010 Film Race Grand Prix, and it is genuinely funny.

…and even though the internet usually keeps things forever, I can’t seem to find it posted anywhere online.

BUT! I did manage to find out that the short was turned into a VERY short-lived webseries – which was cut together using what appear to be different outtakes from the original short. The series is up on Funny or Die, and a Watch Wesley Vimeo page, but I also found a “Best of” compilation that has several solid moments from the short itself.

So after five years of having too good a memory, I’m posting the internet’s only remnants of that original short now:



So there it is. If you need to know more about ghosts, you can always read about them in that back part of your local library where the air is colder than it should be, and the only light comes from old, flickering candles that always blow out for no explicable reason. It’s a great way to learn!

Watch Wesley Vimeo Page: Here.

Funny or Die Link: Here.

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