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Posted in Short Films

Short films…often a confusing mess, I suppose. But when the intention is to intrigue, and show your chops, they can often be impressive as well.

Reset executes the intrigue and chops better than expected.

In the simple looking period setting, the world seems normal, if not outdated. We know what comes next. Classic period speech patterns. Clothing adherent to the times. And very likely, a creepy doll will make an appearance at some point. But when the sci-fi elements begin to show up, things get far more interesting.

The effects, the pacing and tone of this short are all in place. The plot, or the deeper story remain a mystery, for the most part. Which is a problem in many short films, but it’s also the purpose of many others as well.

Reset captures everything it needs to, and sends the directors on their way up in the process. Marcus Kryler and Frederik Akerstrom went on to direct the cinematics of EA’s Battlefield 1 – one of the most popular game franchises from one the most prominent game developers. While I’ve never been a fan of the series, people have told me the story of Battlefield 1 is far better than previous iterations. Which is something that has been said about past games before. But after seeing this short, I am much more inclined to experience this newest installment for myself.

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