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Fan films tend to have a lot of love, with little payoff. The filmmakers’ hearts are always in the right place, but rarely does it feature an interesting take on a beloved property. I’ve posted a few fan films that deserve recognition on multiple levels. Whether it has that interesting take, or just some amazing effects worthy of something beyond derivative work, the fan films I’ve posted all have something worth seeing.

And I’m posting one again.

CROFT is a simple, short film take on the Tomb Raider game franchise. It takes the character of Lara Croft and gives us a grittier, much stronger lead character – much inspired by the reboot of the franchise in 2013.  This is essentially 20 minutes of good guy beating up a bunch of bad guys, with a simple, flimsy, cliche of a plot…but it’s enough.

The acting isn’t outstanding, but better than most fans have managed to muster, and there are a few interesting, stand out dialogue moments. But the real winner here is the fight choreography and stunts. Gritty and believable(-ish), this film has enough action to satisfy anyone in the 19+ minute runtime…so long as you can stand watching a female being beaten up a bit. To be fair, she gets her shots in plenty…literally…she shoots a bunch of guys, like, a lot.

CROFT is almost exactly what I look for in a fan film. Short, pays homage to the source material – without going overboard, and fits into the time it takes up. There’s not much wasted screen time, if any, and it works the whole time.

Suspend some disbelief that the bad guys could be THIS bad at shooting someone – you know, just like any other action film – and enjoy:



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