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I’ve always had small dreams. Finishing Skyrim has been put on the back burner, indefinitely. Learning how to make the perfect scrambled eggs – which I have met and have yet to disappoint anyone with. (The secret ingredient is: Let me cook the scrambled eggs.) But one of my slightly bigger dreams has finally been met: I was invited to a game studio to play a video game still in development. The creators of Myst and Riven, Cyan Worlds, are hard at work on a new intellectual property and Isaac and I made our way up to Spokane, WA to test out their new game, Obduction.

Anyone looking for spoilers here, you won’t get them.

Anyone looking for insight into the game’s world, I’m going to be remain silent.

Anyone looking to not be disappointed, you won’t be.

Obduction has Myst in its roots in plenty of ways. Much of the core Cyan team is wrapped into the development, and its all being created at the aesthetically pleasing Cyan studio building. The building with the memorable brick archway at the front. The building where you can still find a certain dagger hanging as wall art behind the reception desk. The building where, legend has it, there is an elevator that has a button labelled “D’ni.”

With all of the Myst lore lining the walls, Cyan has gone back to the drawing board with Obduction. This is a new game, with a new world, and a whole new look. We’re talking 3d. We’re talking interactivity. We’re talking a modern take on the adventure and puzzle solving that Cyan is known for.

I wish I could go into more details about the different places you get to visit in the game, but there isn’t much I can say without having to explain a great deal of the mystery within. But there is a mystery to be uncovered. I can at least tell you that.

I played an earlier demo of Obduction – set with placeholder visuals in some spots and a few other missing aspects – but it still looked gorgeous. Shadows and lighting were as crisp as you could ask for in a modern game. And the textures were clearer and higher resolution than in the games I’ve seen lately. And to make it even more exciting, I pointed out several visuals I thought were fantastic in the version I was playing and every time the response from the team was the same: “It looks better now.”

Now, for the “Don’t Worry” portion: Obduction still has the same puzzle solving you’re looking for. Updated in many ways, but still simple and complicated, the way Cyan has always done. You know, the way that somehow makes you feel like a genius and an idiot when you finally solve it? Yeah, that way

There’s plenty more active elements in Obduction versus past Cyan endeavors, which is great. There’s plenty more to look at in Obduction as well, not that the original Myst wasn’t beautiful in its time. And there are plenty of things you’ll have to figure out for yourself when the game hits stores – which, if you’re a fan of Cyan, is exactly where you like to be.

Cyan’s Website: Here.

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